Sloping boards

Material from mineral wool on basis of basalt fibres in the form of sloping boards packed in packets of several pieces of boards. This product secures fluent water diversion into the roof drain area, valley or gutterway. It is a structural element individually designed according to the project for application into flat roofs in order to form a slope. The slope is achieved through repeated placing of basic types of sloping boards (type A, B, C) in combination with given flat roof boards so that the contact rifts of single insulation layers overlap.


   Agrocube SD                               λD = 0,040 [W/m.K]

spadoveDosky Thickness [mm] pcs/palette packing height m2/ palette Eur without VAT
Eur with VAT
40/20 42 1412 42 6,57 7,88
60/40 20 1152 20 11,95 14,34
80/60 16 1272 16 15,67 18,80
The slopes can be changed according to the demand of client.

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