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AgroCubE, s.r.o. was based in 2005. The main activity is the production and sales of insulation materials of mineral and glass wool. We achieve our targets through flexibility, creativity and rational price level. Our machines enable to produce the products of wide range of sizes. Through concentration on exact sawing, sizing, grinding and covering  we cover the area of mineral and glass wool utilization in the field of technical insulations with application into pipes, chimneys, fire-protection doors, facades, attics, mansards, roofs, furnaces, air-conditionings...

Besides our own production we sale also the whole range of insulation products of KNAUFINSULATION (NOBASIL) – mineral and glass wool products.


Our philosophy:

-       Quality on the first place

-       Communications with clients about rational prices and delivery dates

-       Consultant service at selection of the proper insulation material

-       Delivery within Slovakia is included in prices






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